Best Side Dishes to Serve with Pot Roast

Beef Pot Roast

There’s no denying that pot roast is a classic American dish. You can find recipes for it that go back as far as the 1850s. And though it may have begun as a staple of New England’s regional cuisine, beef braised low and slow with carrots, onions and potatoes now appeals to hungry Americans from coast to coast. 

There’s a reason the dish has endured generations of culinary tradition, of course. The slow-braised beef and accompanying root vegetables provide the kind of warmth and comfort that only fresh ingredients and hours in the oven (or slow cooker) can provide. It’s the kind of dish that can warm you up on the coldest winter days. And the smell that wafts through the house as it cooks reminds the whole family just how special family dinner can be. 

Traditionally, a pot roast requires a bit of prep and hours of babysitting. But today, that’s just not the case. Our Beef Pot Roast Meal Kit and a trusty slow cooker are all you need to make this comforting American classic a snap. The only question is what do you serve to round out tonight’s dinner while keeping time spent prepping in the kitchen to a minimum? 

Turbocharged Veggie Options

There’s only one kitchen appliance that rivals the slow cooker in its ability to make really good food fast and convenient. When it comes to prepping side dishes for your slow-cooked roast, the Instant Pot® is your friend. It can transform healthy green veggies like green beans with bacon, asparagus or brussels sprouts into flavorful steamed sides that pair perfectly with tender beef and hearty root vegetables. And spaghetti squash makes a delicious (and healthy) replacement for the traditional egg noodles that many people love to pair with pot roast. 

Image of brussels sprouts.

Warm Bread, aka Sauce Mops

The best part about a pot roast may be the rich, silky brown gravy that comes from the marriage of your braising liquid, rendered beef fat and all those aromatic vegetables. And when you’re done eating, it’s only human to want to lick your plate clean to enjoy every satisfying drop. But that wouldn’t set a good example for the kids, now would it? So what you need is an easy way to sop up all that sauce while maintaining just the slightest hint of decorum. And that’s why bread is key to the ultimate pot roast experience.

If you have half an hour and a short list of pantry staples, these 30-minute dinner rolls pair wonderfully with a traditional roast – and they’re also pretty good with a little butter and jam the next morning. But bake-and-eat biscuits or a pre-baked grocery store roll work just as well. It’s just a vehicle for that delicious sauce anyway!

Image of dinner rolls on a table.

A Bit of Sweetness

Pot roast delivers a huge dose of decadent flavor. But without a hint of balance, even the best flavors can be overwhelming. Bringing something light and sweet to the table can help you counter all that rich, unctuous flavor in the main course, which helps keep your taste buds from burning out on the main course too quickly. 

A simple green salad featuring sliced pears, dried cranberries or pomegranate and a light vinaigrette-style dressing makes a great balancing addition to a traditional pot roast dinner. And many people also enjoy this traditional fall/winter meal with applesauce. The original or cinnamon flavors from the grocery store are great served cold right out of the jar, and even better warmed up in the microwave or on the stove. Or, if you’re feeling really ambitious, this Instant Pot® applesauce is delicious, simple and can be on the table in under an hour.

No matter what you pair it with, our Beef Pot Roast Meal Kit is an easy way to serve up a classic American meal any night of the week. It’s tasty, it’s comforting and most of all – it’s easy. So get out your slow cooker and check out our store locator to see where you can pick up your next pot roast dinner. You’ll be feasting on warm, tender beef and soft, luscious vegetables before you know it. And we certainly hope you enjoy it! If you do, and you’d like to check out another classic American dish that we happen to love, check out our last post about taking your Beef Stew to the next level. It’s every bit as easy to prepare as pot roast – and just as delicious, too. 

Image of applesauce in a bowl.